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Cats are one of the cutest pets to have. But it can be a great headache to move your cat to a new home. You will need to plan it out in advance that how you are going to move your cat. Or, you can also contact an NYC moving company to get the job done.

Cats are generally not known to feel comfortable in new places. They tend to return to their older homes. They develop affectionate bondage with the place where they live. So, moving a cat to a new place is not an easy task. But with proper guidance and sufficient planning, this task can be executed with ease.

The whole task can be divided into 3 parts,

Before Moving:

Before you move to your new house, bring a good carriage for your cat. It must be sufficiently spaced and comfortable for your cat. Bring a carriage at least before 2 weeks of moving to your new house. That’s the time your cat might require to get familiar with the carriage.

Put the carriage in a quiet corner of the room where your cat usually spends its day. Put some toys and food inside the carriage. Let your cat become accustomed to it. If you put it in a quiet corner, your cat will be able to take shelter in it, whenever there are excessive activities outside.

However, if your cat is not comfortable around the carriage, then you will have to try some other tricks. Start feeding your cat near the carriage each day. Slowly slowly, take it nearer to the carriage. And lastly, put the food inside the carriage itself. That should do the work.

However, if your cat shows signs of reluctance and anxiety, then you shouldn’t try it too hard. In such cases, it’s better if you contact your vet. He might suggest to you some good ideas or medication that will help you solve the problem.

During Moving:

Finally, when the moving day arrives, you need to be a little more careful than usual. A little bit of fear and anxiety is inevitable, so you will have to just accept that for your cat. But with proper care, this day could be easily managed as well.

The body tends to respond to stress and anxiety, and a bad stomach or vomiting is one of those responses. So, it’s better if you can cut the food a little for your cat on the moving day.

When things are packing and shifting in one room, keep the cat inside other quiet rooms. It’s better if you put them in the carriage just now. When everything else is finished, you can take your cat and start moving.

You might take the cat with you or hand it over to movers, if you have hired moving services. They will also take the cat away with utmost care. However, if you are traveling with your cat in the car, never open the carriage. You might be very tempted to do so, but it will only increase the risk in the car.

When you arrive at the new home, apply the same technique. Keep the cat in a quiet room while the other rooms are getting arranged. Finally, when everything is done, you can let the cat free.

After moving:

It’s natural that your cat might feel a little nervous in the new place. It will need proper care to adjust to the new place. Choose a room having familiar objects and furniture and place the litter box, food, and water in that room.

It will take some time for the cat to get adjusted. You need to interact with your cat more during this time. Give it more time, play with it, feed it, and they will take it easier.

You must also clean up the room thoroughly as cats are prone to take smells. And in the initial weeks, you should also not let the cat out, as it might run away to its old home. First, let them develop a bondage with this new place, and only when you are certain of its coming back, let them out.

In this way, you can easily move a cat without much hassle. Just a little bit of care, and the whole process can work out very smoothly.

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